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International Youth is a not-for-profit organization established to provide programs to support international learners before, during, and after their studies in Canada. 


The need is great, the purpose is strong and the resources are available.

Adding to the informal programs started by Mr. Jerin Raj (3 years ago), International Youth, served by an advisory board has developed a coordinated outreach strategy to serve the needs of international learns from all parts of the world.

The pursuit of education is a universal and basic right of every citizen of the world.  Students from all parts of the world travel to other nations to seek post-secondary learning. 


Canada, especially, has a high standard of quality education which is open to students from any country.  With an established system of institutions (colleges and universities), Canada has the capability to, and does, deliver educational programs in a wide range of disciplines at all levels, including undergraduate and graduate.

There are more than 600,000 international students studying in Canada.  The group is represented by a wide variety of nationalities, inherent cultures, language differences, and exposure to how things work in Canada. 


Because their study journey is quite expensive for them and their families, both physical and social supports should be available to them.  This will result in a quality experience for the learners, as they navigate the system to build a career and life for themselves.

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